Pretty Fun Therapy fait maintenant partie du groupe Match.
Les comptes utilisateurs PlayAround et Playme ont été désactivés et ne seront PAS convertis en comptes Match.

Pretty Fun Therapy

Mobile Applications Lab

We develop disruptive mobile solutions.

Our short story

January 2013: Co-founder Xavier's best friend plays "Draw Something" all day long with random players. She develops a crush on one of her opponent... unfortunately he lives too far away.
Here is the idea: develop games designed to meet singles nearby.

Summer 2013: Xavier meets Emmanuel, ex-Yahoo!, and they decide to develop the 1st mobile game to meet new people.

2014: We release succesfully Playme!, 1st game to meet new people on iOS (may 2014) and Android (October 2015).

2015: As we reach the 100K monthly active users milestone on Playme!, we decide to go one step further and develop a B2B tool that will allow all mobile applications to add a social dating experience. We raise money in May and we launch succesfully PlayAround on the game Quiz Run in June 2015. More info on

Our goal: keep on growing and connect as many users as possible through as many apps as possible

  • Jun, 15
    First implementation of PlayAround in Quiz Run, number 1 mobile trivia game in France.
  • Apr, 15
    260K€ seed fundraising.
  • Jan, 15
    B2B Pivot: Development of PlayAround, a tool to open all apps to online dating.
  • Dec, 14
    100K monthly active users on Playme!.
  • Oct, 14
    Playme! launch on Android.
  • May, 14
    Playme! launch on iOS.
  • Sep, 13
    Company incorporation.
First mobile dating tool


Are you an app developer? In 2015, we have launched PlayAround. You simply add a social dating exeprience to your app and boost your monetization. More info on

One line of code : our SDK will add a “Single nearby” button in your app.
By clicking on the button, your users will browse through a list of matching Single nearby all the while staying on your app.
You will get paid for each new registred user. Ask us for our rates.


In 2014 we have succesfully launched Playme!, first game to meet new people. Download iOS version here and Android version here.

  • Released on iOS and Android
  • Available in French and English
  • 100K active users
  • 4 million social interactions
  • Wide media coverage
  • 500+ ratings on App Store

Are you running a dating service? Are you an app publisher? Or looking for a job?

Office: 46-48 rue René Clair, 75018 Paris